Beauty and The Beast 2017 Movie – Social Media Profile

For the third assignment in MI201 we had to choose a brand and research the social media profiles of that brand. For my brand, I choose the 2017 Beauty and the Beast film. Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon. It was produced by Walt Disney.

Walt Disney for the most part takes care of Beauty and the Beasts social media profile. Even though Beauty and the Beast has it’s own Twitter, Facebook and etc, it is still managed by Walt Disney. The majority of Beauty and the Beasts social media profiles are for the publicity and advertisements of the movie. They generally include sneak peeks, trailers, behind the teens snippets of the movie to get people interested and curious about the movie. Since this is a movie, it primarily uses video technology to include itself in the media environment. It generally releases trailers on various channels and social media platforms. One interesting that they did was they used the twitter platform to send Beauty and the beast fans roses on Valentines day. According to the article “ Disney uses Twitter to send ‘Beauty and the Beast’ roses to movie fans on Valentine’s Day”, fans could tweet #BeOurGuest to send “Beauty and the Beast”-themed roses to a special Valentine. I thought that was a clever and cute way to advertise their movie via the Twitter platform.

Beauty and the Beast Facebook and Twitter were very similar. They mostly had upcoming events, advertisements, sneak peeks about Beauty and the Beast movie. The website mostly just had how and where to purchase tickets. This movie didn’t have an youtube channel. The trailers and sneak peaks on youtube were all run by Walt Disney. Beauty and the Beast itself didn’t have a special channel.

I didn’t expect there to be any mobile applications on this movie since it as just a movie. But I was actually surprised to find apps on this as well. There was one app on the app store called “Disney Stickers: Beauty and the Beast”. It was basically an app to get Beauty and the Beast stickers for messaging on your iPhone. There was also another app on the google play store called “Beauty and the Beast” which was just a story book for kids to read and watch on the phone. The first app was actually made by Disney, but the second app was made by a company called Story Toys.

There were many blog posts about this movie as it is a popular movie. I choose 2 blogs, one from a very famous blog, The Huffington Post and an other from a small blog called Encouraging Moms at Home. The Huffington Post blog was called “Certain As The Sun, ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Has Earned $1 Billion At The Box Office.” This blog was mainly about how well the movie did in the Box office. It talked mostly about stats and about how much money the movie made. It also started making comparisons with other Disney movies and comparing how well they did and how many days they ran for. The second blog post from Encouraging Moms at Home was named “The Facts about Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie.” This blog was basically about facts in the movie and discussed some debatable topics in the movie and whether it was a good movie for children. This blog talked about the Gay moment in the movie  and various other sexual content that was present in the movie. It was more of a negative blog towards the movie and was trying to explain to parents to potentially think twice before taking your child to this movie. This blog was also a spoiler to the movie as it discussed many scenes in detail that were in the movie.

There were an overwhelming number of tweets that mentioned this movie. A majority of them were from Disney or from the actors of the movie, but there were also quite a few from fans and other people in the world. There was a humorous tweet that mentioned Beauty and the beast. It was a tweet with a picture where it had Chewbacca dressed up as Beast and Belle to the side. It was supposed to be a mash up of Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars. The tags on it were #starwars, #swco, #beautyandthebeast, #disney.(Tweet Link)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.53.20 PM

Another tweet that was interesting was a Tweet talking about 2 movies. It stated “#TheBossBaby and #BeautyAndTheBeast set for a second straight showdown at the weekend box office “ (Tweet Link). It was a tweet by Tracking Board. It had a picture of Boss baby and Beauty and the Beast next to each other. It was basically stating the competition between these 2 popular movies.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.53.57 PM






A major multi media aspect of this movie was the audio. Everyone knows that a major component of any Disney movie is the audio. Beauty and the Beasts audio was also fabulous. All music was composed by Alan Menken. Lyrics for original songs were written by Tim Rice. The audio was a major plus factor for the movie. Another major multi media aspect for the movie was pictures. A lot of people created pictures where they had a scene from the old Beauty Beast Movie side to side with the same scene in the new movie. A lot of pictures were showing the difference between Beauty and beast then and now with these pictures.(Picture link)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.58.13 PM

I think this assignment helped me learn a lot about social media profiles. It was really interesting learning about how Beauty and the Beast used social media to advertise their movie and how others reacted to the movie via their social medias. Overall, I hope you had enjoyed and learned a thing or two while reading this blog.


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